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Little Bit of Sunshine

Joanne Jordan

Daniel Jordan

Mission Statement

Our mission is to aid in providing basic necessities, developing skills and confidence for disadvantaged children around the world...all wrapped up in fun, smiles and laughter that children respond favorably to.



Little Bit of Sunshine is a non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit entity. Further, LBOS does not take positions or align itself with any special interests.  Any event taking place as part of a religious, political or any other special interest group does not reflect the views or opinions of LBOS.

Feel goooood details:

  1. -100% of your donation goes towards the children, no ‘travel, administration, etc.’ fees are deducted.

  1. -Little Bit of Sunshine is a 501C3 recognized Not-Profit entity. Your tax donation is tax-deductible.  Contact your tax consultant or Daniel with questions.


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