The Experience_


We stayed with at the home of Rustam (the founder of the orphanage) and his family.  They were hospitable, warm and made sure we were fed twice a day.  We even had our own room to lay out our stuff.

2 mile walk to the orphanage


Our experience upon arriving in Nepal was eye opening.  Where was the local Starbucks? Where can we get a Big Mac?  What did we get ourselves into?

For us, it was like stepping out of a time warp machine and into another world, a world that needs some serious TLC.  They need roads, they need electricity, they need sanitation, they need a finalized constitution.  There is so much political infighting and public protests that the government can’t seem to get beyond that and realize the true potential of such a wonderful country.  Who wouldn’t want to see the beauty of the hills and waterfalls, go trekking in the countryside or attempt to climb Mount Everest?

However amongst an unstable political system, the people are wonderfully kind and generous.  We have made so many friends that have made our experience unforgettable.

We made great friends

There was trash everywhere

The sunrise view of Fishtail Mountain was breathtaking

The Orphanage

The orphanage is about 2 miles away uphill, hence to say we did a lot of walking during our time there.

Rustam and his family

It definitely felt like the rainbow at the of the tunnel when you’re reward with 22 over-joyed kids all running up to you for hugs and high-5s when get to the orphanage. If we made it in the mornings, we help with getting them ready for school (helping them tie their ties, combing hair, making sure they did their homework, etc.) If we didn’t make it there till later, we worked on projects around the house (whether ensuring that the electrician or the brick layer was working,  painting windows, shopping for necessities).  There was always so much to do!

When the children arrive home at about 4pm, they all want to play!  In addition to helping them with their homework, we go to the park with them or run around and take pictures. They are balls of energy and everyone welcomes the attention.

Carpenter making cabinets for the orphanage

The time we spent with the kids were incredible, it has taught us to think beyond our own comforts and motivated us to do more than we ever thought we could.  Given the short amount of time we were there, we easily initiated multiple projects at once.

Connect 4 was a hit

From repairing beds and electrical outlets, to ordering new mattresses, sheets, cabinets and watering areas to hauling gas cylinders, and painting windows...we couldn’t feel more alive! 

The constant adrenaline and the need to do more was mind-consuming yet incredibly rewarding.  With the donations from friends and family, we truly made a difference in the lives of the children at Sahara.  We’re all in now and will work towards continual support, new programs and future visits. 

New watering area to wash and bathe